Contents: 50ml/1.5oz Breast Enhancement Cream ~ 15ml/0.5oz Nano Serum ~ Bottle 350mg x 60 Breast Enhancement Pills
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2 Bottles Purafem Capsules Set
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Purafem Capsules
350mg x 60 Caps
Purafem Nano Breast Serum 15ml $27.00
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Purafem Breast Cream 50ml $29.00
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* Firms, Lifts & Enhances breasts naturally
* Increases Breast Size upto 2 cup sizes
* Natural Alternative for hormone replacement therapy
*  Ideal to use during and after the menopause
* Promotes Anti-aging & slows down the aging process
* Encourages healthier, stronger hair, nails & skin
* Increases blood circulation & flexibility
* Alleviates sleeping disorders
* Boosts energy, vigor and flexibility
Purafem Premium Pueraria Mirifica is renowned for it's natural breast enhancement benefits, due to it's potent phytoestrogenic properties. Named 'the miracle herb' Pueraria Mirifica stimulates estrogen receptors and encourages femininity. What Purafem will do for you..

Pueraria Mirifica is the herb of choice for natural breast enhancement. This potent herb holds the ability to enlarge breast size naturally as well as increasing lift, firmness and shape by optimizing the estrogen levels in the body. Many women use pueraria mirifica as a natural alternative to hormone replacement therapy during and after the menopause. Hormone levels in the body are regulated and stabilized which results in the ageing process being halted to a crawl and in some instances can actually reverse signs of ageing.

It is important to choose the correct variety of Pueraia Mirifica. Only the 'white cultivated pueraria mirifica' is actually potent enough to induce these natural changes when the correct dosage is consumed. Purafem
TM has developed a potent 350mg capsule, nanotechnology breast serum and breast massage cream in conjunction with leading herbologists and cosmetic research laboratories designed specifically to maximize the effects of Pueraria Mirifica.

Used over a period of time, Pueraria Mirifica is the natural alternative to surgical breast enhancement and hormone replacement during and after the menopause. You can be assured you will receive a Premium Quality breast enlargement cream, serum and breast enlargement pills.
'the natural way!'
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Purafem Combines Breast Enhancement Cream, Serum & Natural Breast Enhancement Pills With Guarantee Results!
Pueraria Mirifica Woman
Purafem Guarantee
Certified Good Manufacturing Processes
FDA Approved
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