3 Tips For Natural Breast Enhancement


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In today’s fast paced lifestyle we often neglect the most basic things. There are some nutritional supplements that can under the correct circumstances, aid the development of bigger breasts. As well as supplements like pueraria mirifica, our body needs the right combination of foods and water in order to perform at its peak.

1. I’m sure you have heard many times the advice about drinking 8 glasses of water a day; this is because water does so much for our bodies; from transporting nutrients and oxygen to carrying our waste products to the kidneys for disposal.

Water also aids in the improvement of the skin; there is not enough that can be said about drinking plenty of water and if you are going to embark on any new diet or supplementation; then make sure you are taking in adequate amounts of water to help.

2. Fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and soy; again these are full of antioxidants and very important for breast health as is the way in which you prepare your food; overcooking can deplete the food of its natural vitamins and minerals.

3. Protein is another necessity for the body, proteins contain amino acids. There are 20 amino acids required by the body for growth, the body can manufacture 11 of these; the rest must be supplied by your food. Foods high in protein include vegetables, legumes, grains, beans, chicken and turkey breasts, fish, shellfish, egg whites, low fat dairy products and lean red meats. If you are not already doing so, incorporate as many of these foods into your diet as possible and cut out as much fat as you can.

Keeping your body healthy with diet, water and exercise is going to give you the best opportunity to achieve your goal of increasing your bust size with natural breast enhancement and create the necessary environment for healthy cell growth.

Breast Enhancement Pills


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To understand what breast enhancement pills are, it is important to look at the ingredients. Most, if not all breast enhancement pills are produced from various herbs which are believed to have enhancement effects on the individual taking them. There are now various forms of pills comprised of various herbs. Some include..

Blessed Thistle. This herb was primarily approved as a treatment on loss of appetite and indigestion. In fact, it has been used by nursing women in order to increase the flow of milk. Despite the seeming success of Blessed Thistle, there remains to be no relevant research as to whether this herb can effectively enhance the breasts of women. In fact, there is no related study if indeed Blessed Thistle is safe for regular usage.

Dong Quai. As obvious in its name, Dong Quai is a Chinese herb which has long been used by many Asian women to address menopausal symptoms such as flashes, reduce menstrual cramps and regulate cycles. With regards to breast enhancement, there was a report by a man who took a combination of herbal pills for temporary breast enlargement. This was believed to be so because the pill was contaminated with synthetic estrogen, an element believed to be causing natural breast enlargement. Aside from this, there is no clinical trial as to whether this herb results to breast enhancement or not.

Fennel Seed. For centuries, Fennel Seed was both regarded as food and medicine. Primarily it was believed to have increased the flow of milk for nursing women, enhances libido, and increase menstrual cycle. Although there are breast enhancement pills with Fennel Seed as the primary ingredient, there are no relevant studies relating this herb to breast enhancement.

Fenugreek. This is another herb which is used as a primary ingredient for many breast enhancement pills. In fact, a lot of women are actually using this herb precisely for natural breast enhancement. Despite of this hype, still there are no scientific studies relating this herb to breast enhancement. This herb contains diosgenin which is converted to estrogen and progesterone which are believed to be factors that influence breast size.

Saw Palmetto. This herb has been used primarily to treat urinary symptoms in men. It is believed to prevent the binding of the hormone dehydrotestosterone (DHT) to androgen receptors. Until now, there remains to be no reasons as why Saw Palmetto is being linked to breast enhancement.

Aside the above mentioned herbs, there are still a number of herbs which are believed to be help increase the size of a woman’s bust including the acclaimed ‘miracle herb’ Pueraria Mirifica. When these herbs are transformed into pills, they produce a certain amount of authority which attracts many women to buy and try them. To learn more about Pueraria Mirifica see this older post here – Pueraria Mirifica.

In the end, the decision to take breast enhancement pills lies with the individual aspiring to enhance their busts.

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Pueraria Mirifica


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What is Pueraria Mirifica?

Pueraria mirifica is a plant locally known in Thailand as Kwao Krua. This plant is common in Thailand and neighboring Myanmar and as far as India. In a study by conducted by Garry Gordon, MD., who has visited Thailand to study this plant, he discovered that there is a low rate of breast cancer in the region where this plant is growing. It is in this connection that Pueraria mirifica has been called the miracle plant (mirifica means miracle). In fact, many people in Thailand and around the world have long regarded this plant as a miracle herb. Today this plant is also called the herbal rejuvenation therapy or the herbal remedy from Thailand (HRT).

In the research conducted on this plant, it was discovered that this herb actually contains phytoestrogens like the miroestrol and deoxymiroestrol. In fact, phytoestrogens are exclusively found in Pueraria mirifica as a herbal tuberous root. As a result, this herb is said to be stronger than soy or red clover isoflavones. What is good is that the Thai government may be supporting the further exploration and research of this plant to better suit the needs of the society.

Breast Enlargement is Pueraria Mirifica’s only side effect

The only side effects of this herb is that it results to the development of larger breasts, both in women and men. It causes breast enlargement precisely because of estrogen. In fact, in a research released by the Chulalongkorn University in Thailand, it states that this herbal plant can actually increase the size of a woman’s breast by 80%. Moreover, the plant has also other benefits on the skin, hair breasts and strength of nails.

The Pueraria Mirifica plant

As a plant, Pueraria mirifica belongs to the hard vine and it grows and climbs on large trees. It also has unique leaves characteristics since it has three leaves per one petiole. Its leaves are very simple (ovate) and angle leaf tips. The flowers of Pueraria mirifica are bluish purple and it has a cluster of 30 centimeters length at the end of its twig. The flowers are similar to bean flowers and each is composed of five petals which are wrapped like an ovary.

The season whereby the Pueraria Mirifica herb produces flowers is from February to March and by April it produces pods. The root of this herb is tuberous and is often seen in different sizes. In fact, its appearance is very similar to yam roots. Once the roots are exposed, it reveals a white color and if eaten in it’s raw state can causes dizziness. The size and quality of the roots and the estrogen effects varies according to the soil conditions where the plant is grow and cultivated. Normally, however, each root can weigh as much as 100 kilograms. The size of the root also differs according to the soil condition.

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