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Many women want to enlarge their breast using natural breast enlargement techniques however sometimes it can seem hopeless to even consider bigger breasts. Unless of course a decision is made to part with large amounts of money for surgery. Who really wants to submit their bodies to a surgeons knife to undergo a procedure that can be dangerous and on many occasions doesn’t provide the results expected.

The good news, however, is that there are actually natural ways to enlarge breasts without undergoing surgery. The following are a few ways to enlarge breasts using natural breast enlargement.

Gain more weight. This is perhaps the most effective way to enlarge the breasts. As you may know, the breasts are composed of mostly fatty tissues and therefore when you gain weight, you are adding weight to your breast areas. This is the easiest way of naturally enlarging the breasts with the downside of actually gaining weight over the entire body.

Pregnancy. Although pregnancy is a choice for many women, pregnancy is another way of increasing the size of the breasts. This is made possible because the female body produces estrogen during pregnancy which results to breast growth. As a natural consequence, pregnancy can significantly alter the physical appearance of the female body. In fact, breastfeeding itself is a major cause of change on the appearance and size of breasts unless of course the breast begin to sag after childbirth.

Exercise your pectoral muscles. The pectoral muscles are what make up the chest muscle for men. For women, pectoral muscles lie under the breasts. By working out the pectoral muscles, it is expected that their breasts will be forced outwardly, thus, resulting them to appear and look larger from the outside.

Get the right size of bra. A lot of women are actually using small bras to enhance their cleavage. In doing this, the size of the breasts is actually minimized because they are being squashed backwards by the tight size of the bra. It is therefore recommended, to use the right size of bra so that there is enough room for the breasts to be supported correctly.

Use inserts. Although the aim of using inserts is to alter the appearance of breast, inserts create the illusion that the physical size of the breasts increases. In fact, this method has become very effective for many women with smaller breasts but this is only effective when wearing the inserts.

Apply estrogen breast cream. Estrogen is responsible for natural breast size increase for many women with regards to natural breast enlargement. Nowadays there are creams readily available in the market that naturally encourage estrogen production. Applying and using estrogen cream is another way of naturally enlarging breasts.

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