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There is actually minimal scientific study as to whether natural breast enhancement is possible or not. On a positive note, testimonials, real life experience and the scientific tests that have been conducted tell us that natural breast enhancement is actually possible. In fact, the natural growth of a woman’s breast as a woman comes to age is obviously evident, especially when a woman enters the adolescent period. In short, this is when a woman’s breast actually begins to grow naturally.

Natural Aliments

Many aliments—like sweets with sugar, meat, pastry and certain synthetic alimentary additives—are actually very beneficial in the natural growth of breasts. Aside from this, there are also other “medicine-aliments” which are believed to be responsible in the growth of breasts such as black olives and virgin olive oil, soya and especially soya eggs, grain and grain oil, dill leaves, flowers and seeds, celery leaves, nut heart, roasted peanuts and sun flower seeds.

Consuming these foods is common practice benefiting the traditional way of natural breast enhancement. Large amounts of these foods in particular consumed over a period of six months can enhance breast naturally. Since these are natural sources, there is no risk of unwanted side effects.

Sexual Hormones

It may or may not be obvious however sex actually has a very close connection with regards to natural breast enhancement. This is because when a woman is making love, hormones are released that are responsible for increasing breast size.

Plants that trigger hormones

There are also countless plants that trigger hormones, which can actually result in natural breast enhancement. A few of these plants that trigger hormones are the following: dills seeds (Anethum graveolens), liquorice root (Glyciriza glabra), basil flowers (Ocimum basilicum), and anise seeds (Pimpinella anisum). As suggested, these plants need to be crushed and taken three times a day just before meals. In fact, some women recommend to keep the crushed plants under the tongue for about fifteen minutes before swallowing them. Pueraria Mirifica however can be crowned as the queen of natural breast enhancement herbs. You can read about pueraria mirifica in a previous post here.

Breast massage

Another effective means to increase breast size naturally perhaps, is to massage the breasts. Many women are still practicing this age-old method of breast massage in order to enhance their busts. To effectively perform breast massage, there are important practices that need to be followed. First, it is important the woman is sitting while doing the massage in order to maintain a good posture. Secondly, it is also important that the massage techniques are performed in a certain way. You can find out more about these massage techniques in The Natural Breast Enhancement e-book which is free to download from this site here.

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